ALTA Best Practices

Crown Search Services is committed to helping your office become ALTA Best Practices compliant. We are staying informed with the continuously changing regulations and actively managing those requirements in all services we provide. Rest assured! Crown Search Services takes some of the hassle out of compliance in the following areas:

ALTA Best Practices

Best Practices Pillar 3

Security and Protecting Non-public Personal Information

  • All electronic NPPI is stored on site with local servers only

  • All web traffic is SSL encrypted and password protected

  • Network is protected using an Intrusion Prevention Service

  • Any physical documents are disposed of in secured shredding bins

Best Practices Pillar 4

Adopt Standard Procedures Applicable to the Settlement Process

  • Recordings are sent to local counties the next business day

  • All recordings are reviewed to ensure they are recordable prior to leaving the office

  • Recording fees are double checked by proprietary software to ensure accuracy

  • All shipped recordings are tracked daily to ensure timely delivery

  • Recording verification is logged on our website and available to clients 24/7

  • Volume and page or instrument numbers of recorded documents are available to clients 24/7

  • Notification of recording rejections are sent the same day

Best Practices Pillar 6

Maintain Appropriate Insurance

  • Crown Search Services has a $1M E&O policy

Best Practices Pillar 7

Adopt and Maintain Procedures for Resolving Consumer Complaints

  • Each customer complaint is logged in our encrypted software

  • Complaints are reviewed by management

  • All complaints must be responded to in a timely manner dependent on the severity of the issue