“I came to you just a few short weeks ago with a rather monumental order and timeframe. You returned complete, fully documented searches back in record time. I thank you for your willingness, and applaud you for your ability, to get all 56 back to me so quickly. We will definitely keep your company in mind the next time we need a search in the Columbus area.

Thanks again for a stellar performance!”

Strauss Troy Co., LPA

You & your staff really impressed me last year during Covid. My company had an issue and when I reached out to your company – you and your staff jumped right on it and even called me from your cell phones (because a couple of your staff were working from home). You and your staff have shown me again and again your commitment to your customers, even if you don’t know the answers to my questions – your company has worked hard to get those answers. And I really appreciate that your company keeps us in the loop (either if there are issues with the County, or the Search will take a bit longer, or even just status on our questions and/or requests – you’ve kept us posted throughout).

I have not had the pleasure of working with all of your staff, but everyone I’ve had contact with has impressed me. When I submit requests through your website (new orders and updates) – I don’t worry too much about if it will be done timely, because I know if there is any issue/ delay that your company will let us know right away. This in turn helps my company keep our lenders and clients posted/ updated, which is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Tina Domoslawski, Title Department
First Ohio, Title Insurance Agency



Thanks so much for all of your work – you and your company are awesome to work with and do an incredible job.


I want to say a few words about Crown Search Services, we were introduced to each other a few years back and I must say I am so glad we were. Crown Search Services is very reliable, and are there to help with any questions we may have. Their searches are easy to follow and read and their turn around time is nothing to complain about. Our company is grateful to have them.


This is just a quick note to say thank you for the customer service we have been receiving recently. During our weekly status call today with our corporate counterparts there was considerable praise given in terms of achieving our turn time expectations for our orders which I would like to attribute to efforts being made by you. We have implemented two new initiatives recently that I think are helping – one being the pipeline email that has cut down on the number of searches that are lost in cyberspace (both being requested and received) and secondly – our new Update request form which is hopefully distinguishing itself from the more in depth search requests to allow for faster processing.

It is our intention to implement these new tools to help increase productivity and be proactive in our quest for receiving a quality product in a short turn time. I welcome your feedback as to your feelings about receiving the pipeline email and the usefulness of the new update form. Any other suggestions as to ways to help increase communication and improve our working relationship are also always appreciated. Have a great weekend and thanks again for the teamwork this week.

Meghan Peterson

We have worked closely with the staff of Crown Search Services for over 14 years, during which time they have earned our confidence, and now service the majority of our title abstracts. Their superior communication skills and meticulous attention to detail create a superior final product. And, we have always admired the perseverance and diligence Crown displays in uncommon situations. However, it is their professionalism and customer service that truly sets Crown Search Services apart from others in our industry.

Our law firm has worked with Crown Search Services for nearly ten (10) years. The service that Crown offers is top notch. Crown’s turn-around time is lightning fast, and we have not had a single issue with accuracy. Crown Search Services has never disappointed us.

Office Manager and Paralegal
Ohio State Bar Association Certified Paralegal