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Title Agencies

Title Agencies

We’re accurate. And we can help you with the answers to just about any question that comes up in your title report.

Want to know whether that easement should be shown on your commitment? We can help. Want to know how that prior-owner mortgage affects your property? We can help. And of course, we offer products like:

  • 42 year residential searches

  • 60 year acreage searches
  • Commercial searches (pre-quoted for your approval)
  • Back Title searches



We’re fast. And our seamless process empowers you to get the job done, and the deal closed.

We’re also very accurate. But since time is of the essence, we designed an integrated information system that allows multiple users from your organization to enter orders and retrieve completed orders either by e-mail, or by downloading them from our website. Of course, we offer products like:

  • 2 Owner Search

  • Current Owner Search



We’re fast. And we stay on top of the latest issues, changes and laws throughout the state.

We understand the costs associated with every passing day of a foreclosure action. So we’ve developed a unique process to get pre-judicial searches completed accurately and in a timely manner. We can streamline your process by providing information in the format and file type that best integrates into your case management system. And we provide 24-hour access to your files, and real time status updates on your orders. In addition, we’ve developed partnerships throughout the state to keep us on top of the latest local issues, changes and laws. Of course, we offer products like:

  • 21 year PJR

  • 42 year PJR

  • REO Search


That’s what it takes to ensure the transfer of accurate information vital to the closing of real estate transactions. At Crown Search, our promise is simple: We will uncomplicate your life by providing you with the information that is essential to your business – when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it.


There’s a reason we’re the leaders in Ohio. At Crown Search, our staff examiners have more than 100 years of combined title experience. The result is a high quality, accurate title exam in 24-48 hours in Franklin and the contiguous counties.


Through our established network of experienced, professional title examiners, Crown offers full title exam services in all 88 Ohio counties in an average of 24-72 hours.


We provide comprehensive document recording services, and special arrangements can often be made to accommodate your specific needs.